Vestal By Zip Hybrid - Alcohol Dispenser Systems

Provide your customers with more choice at the bar with cocktails, mocktails, wine, beer, kombucha or nitro coffee alongside premium sparkling water. Vestal by Zip’s Hybrid system allows you to change your on-tap beverage brands at will. Serve chilled rosé and mojitos in summer, switch to shiraz and vodka mules in winter, or sangria in spring. Be limited only by your imagination or the creativity of your best mixologist.

Invent and serve a signature cocktail on-tap. Save your staff precious service time by eliminating the need to prepare each cocktail individually. Customers enjoy the novelty of on-tap cocktails, served by the glass or the jug, to a perfect mix every time.

Vestal by Zip’s Hybrid system reduces the significant waste associated with wine by the glass. Vestal’s Hybrid system maintains freshness, locking out oxygen, meaning every glass poured is as fresh as the first. Pouring spoiled, part-empty bottles of wine down the sink is the same as throwing money away. With Vestal by Zip, you can enjoy the profits from every single glass.

The flexible on-tap system allows you to respond to changes in season or trend with the booming craft beer market. From pale ale to IPA, porter or stout, talk to us about your choice.

With capacity ranges offering up to 250 litres per hour delivery, Vestal also offers best in class service options. Keep up with demand and sustain high turnover at the bar by offering your choice of on-tap alcohol, soda or other drink selections with Vestal.

The Vestal system also offers amazing design flexibility to suit any aesthetic and engineering to match your venue’s operational demands. Choose from under-bench, countertop or freestanding units with fonts in chrome, brass, copper, antique bronze, or even a custom colour. With more than 20 possible configurations, Vestal can be accommodated in any establishment.

In conjunction with perfectly chilled Vestal filtered sparkling and still water, our Hybrid on-tap alcohol dispensary system will meet every one of your beverage service requirements. Single out your establishment from the run-of-the-mill.