Vestal by Zip – Chilled Still & Sparkling Water On-Tap

Vestal by Zip is the ideal water system for your workplace. Enjoy the benefits of high capacity on-tap, chilled, filtered water for your staff and customers. Vestal delivers clean and clear still and sparkling water, simply and easily, for healthy, refreshing hydration. Choose from chilled or ambient, sparkling or still for the ultimate personalised experience.

With a range of fonts, tapware and high-quality finishes, there is a design to suit every corporate space. Under-bench or freestanding options offer a configuration for any office, reception, board room or showroom. Forget storing, lifting and returning plastic containers. Vestal by Zip eliminates manual handling and frees up valuable storage space for more profitable use.

Installing a Vestal by Zip system is an investment not only in the health and wellbeing of your staff and clients, but also in the environment. Vestal connects directly to your existing water supply, eliminating the need to import, store and handle heavy containers or bottles. No freight, no transport, no carbon kilometres, and no waste. Save money on glass and plastic waste disposal, purchase and shipping costs, and enjoy a better bottom line.

With purchase and rental options, Vestal provides ultimate flexibility for budget and fitout. All rental programs include two maintenance services annually, ensuring your system operates at peak performance, continuously.



Environmentally Friendly

No single use bottles – in fact we probably eliminated about five million of them over the last twelve months! No freight. No waste. Vestal by Zip is the economically, socially and environmentally sustainable water system that looks after your people, and the planet. Help eliminate plastic and glass waste and decrease your business’s environmental impact by serving sustainable, clean, delicious water with Vestal by Zip.

Pure Tasting Filtered Water

Enjoy the crisp, pure taste of Vestal filtered water. Filtration eliminates odours and contaminants, delivering clean, great tasting water, glass after glass. With sparkling and chilled filtered water options, you can deliver staff and clients a superior water experience, without the premium price-tag.

Versatile Design

The Vestal water system offers amazing flexibility to suit any aesthetic. Choose from under-bench, countertop or freestanding chiller units. Select your dispensing tower in chrome, brass, copper, antique bronze, or perhaps even your corporate colour. Bespoke hand-made wooden tap handles from rare Tasmanian timber species round this off. More than 20 different system configurations ensure an engineered solution that properly suits your operational requirements, delivering crisp, filtered sparkling water, every time.

Professional Maintenance

Vestal by Zip brings the security of an extensive service network comprising of more than 90 technicians. These experts are available nation-wide and backed by Zip’s rigorous training program, to ensure your system operates continuously and efficiently, year-round.