Vestal by Zip – How It Works

Vestal by Zip offers your business the opportunity to provide your customers with a premium water experience, up to 80% than the cost of bottled water products.

Vestal’s on-tap water system delivers pure filtered, fresh tasting, still and sparkling water on demand. It eliminates the need for bottled water, serving pure delicious water, glass after glass.

On-tap water from your mains supply offers real, quantifiable savings for your business. Installing a Vestal system means no more purchase costs for bottled water, no freight and handling charges. Vestal’s system filters water from the existing water supply, eliminating the need to store bottled water stock.

Some bottled water options cost as much as 1,000 times as much as water from the tap. For businesses, installing a Vestal system means providing a high quality, premium water product, for a fraction of the cost, hassle and environmental impact of a pre-packaged option.

What’s more, Vestal chills water as required, saving significant energy on refrigeration costs. Not only does this mean a better bottom line for your business, but also a better impact for the planet through dramatically reduced carbon output and waste reduction.

Some Vestal clients tell us they’re saving up to $4,000 per year on glass collection and disposal alone. Vestal’s beautiful, durable reusable bottles not only provide a tangible benefit to your bottom line and cut down on recycling waste, but are also a stylish addition to any table.

Vestal systems come with bi-annual servicing from Zip Water’s technical team, ensuring you are always able to deliver great quality water for your customers, as well as dedicated account managers for ongoing customer support.

Vestal eliminates up to five million single use plastic bottles from the waste system each year. With only around 30% of plastic bottles ending up being recycled in Australia, the Vestal system ensures your business can reduce its impact on landfill waste whilst maintaining an exceptional hydration solution for guests and customers.

What’s more, Vestal is a true triple bottom line business. We invite our clients to join us in partnering with WHOLE WORLD Water, contributing funds raised to build, install and maintain clean drinking water systems for the more than one billion people worldwide living without this most basic human need.