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Vestal by Zip Water – All the benefits of high quality filtered sparkling water for horeca.

Vestal Water provides premium filtered water soutions at a fraction of the cost of bottled water. Vestal Water provides water system solutions that are high quality, economical and environmentally sustainable.

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    Chilled Still Water
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    Low Ongoing Cost
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    Expert Service Backed by Zip

Premium Water Solutions

Vestal Water provides premium filtered water solutions at a fraction of the cost of bottled water. Offer pure-tasting water with the latest filtration technology.

Low Ongoing Costs

We offer affordable rental packages with no inital outlay or the option to buy outright.

Backed by Zip Water

Vestal is part of the Zip Water network, with over 100 certified Zip technicians nationally. With Vestal, you get access to your dedicated support team and priority response – we aim to be on site within 24 hours (business days only).


Vestal Water filtration produces crystal clear, pure tasting water, free from odours and contamination. Service customers with healthier, better tasting water.


Vestal Water systems provide premium water solutions to your customers at a fraction of the cost resulting in unparalleled margins for your business.


Not only do our reusable bottles provide a tangible benefit to your bottom line, they also cut down on landfill waste and energy consumption.

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    Cafes & Restaurants

    Offer your customers fresh, chilled sparkling or still water, straight from the tap. Learn more.

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    Enjoy the benefits of on-tap, chilled, filtered water for your staff and customers. Learn more.

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    Serve perfectly chilled sparkling or still water, for an elegant water solution. Learn more.

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    Bars & Clubs

    Perfect still and sparkling water for your guests, without the cost of bottled products. Learn more.

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    Eliminate bottled waste from your venue and serve pure water, straight from the tap. Learn more.

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Sparkling Water for Hospitality – Restaurants, Cafes, Bars & Corporate.

“Vestal Water plays a huge part in providing a very engaged and connected customer service… it’s great to be able to offer someone sparkling mineral water that tastes great.

It’s quick, fresh and something that people enjoy, appreciate and notice.”

Andy Webb – Owner, Café Morso

Beautiful Reusable Bottles

Vestal Water bottles bring elegance and style to the table. When you import bottled water you have to think about water bottle delivery, storage and disposal. Vestal can remove these concerns entirely.

Every system comes with bespoke bottles that are high quality, reusable, flint glass. Our bottles can be designed with a range of fonts and co-branded with your business’ logo for a personalised touch.

Water Filtration

Experience exceptionally fresh pure tasting water with Vestal efficiently combining filtration technology to produce high quality pure water while removing pollutants.