Vestal by Zip – Chilled Still & Sparkling Water On-Tap

Vestal by Zip offers your bar or club the ultimate in versatility, waste elimination and profit maximisation with its on-tap water systems. Provide delicious, natural, clean-tasting still and sparkling water to your guests at a fraction of the cost of bottled products.

With Vestal by Zip, there is no need to purchase water. Avoid delivery, storage and waste, and simply serve straight from the tap. Or, for those ‘here’s one I prepared earlier’ moments, use the elegant, wear-resistant Vestal bottles, crafted from durable flint glass. The tight seal will ensure every last drop of sparkling water is served with a perfect bead.

Vestal by Zip also elevates working conditions for your staff. On-tap water means no more hauling cases of single-use bottles, reducing manual handling risks, plus pouring from taps means less reaching and bending. Healthier staff and happier bodies.

With over 20 design combinations, there is a Vestal system to suit your look. Choose from six different finishes, with handle and font options to customise the system to your space. Under-bench, countertop or freestanding configurations offer you flexibility to find the system that best suits your space.



Cost Effective Solution

Serve your customers premium still and sparkling water, straight from the tap without the expense of imported bottled water. Vestal streamlines your water service solution and reduces the operation cost of handling, storing, cooling and disposing of single use bottles. Remove bottled water from your stock, and reimagine the possibilities.

Better for the Environment

No single use bottles. No freight. No waste. Vestal by Zip is the economically, socially and environmentally sustainable water system that looks after your customers, and the planet. Help eliminate plastic and glass waste from the environment and decrease your business’s environmental impact by serving sustainable, clean, great-tasting water with Vestal by Zip.

Better Designs

Vestal’s designs offer amazing flexibility to suit any aesthetic. Choose from under-bench, countertop or freestanding units with fonts in chrome, brass, copper, antique bronze, or a custom powder coated colour. More than 20 different configuration options, all delivering crisp, filtered water, every time. Size does matter and with the highest capacity systems on the market, quality is assured in high demand areas. Find out more about our system specifications here.

Better Tasting Pure Water

Enjoy the crisp, pure taste of Vestal’s filtered water. Internal filtration eliminates odours and contaminants, delivering clean, great tasting water, glass after glass. With sparkling and chilled filtered water options, you can offer your customers a superior water experience, without the premium price tag.