Vestal by Zip – Water Filtration

Although Australia has some of the best quality tap water in the world, water quality does vary widely. Differences in underground pipes, household plumbing and how the water is treated between the catchment and the tap can all affect the quality of the water we drink.

To counter this, increasing numbers of workplaces, restaurants, bars and clubs, hotels and events have turned to bringing in bottled water, in order to deliver better quality drinking water to customers, guests and staff. But not all bottled waters are created equal, and many are not much better than what comes out of the tap. In fact, much bottled water is merely filtered tap water.

This is where Vestal by Zip is different. A Vestal by Zip system improves the quality of drinking water, wherever you are. It starts with your existing water supply and efficiently, quietly and effectively removes sediment, odours and contamination. The result is pure-tasting, crystal clear water of exceptional quality, straight from the tap.

Vestal’s superior filtration operates on demand, as the system is used. This means water isn’t sitting around in plastic containers, absorbing unwanted odours and flavours. With Vestal’s on-tap delivery system, each glass is poured fresh, and is as pure and clear as water can be.

Rented Vestal water systems are serviced and maintained twice annually by Zip’s wide network of expert technicians, to ensure continuous uptime and maintain litre per hour water delivery rates. This process checks and maintains filters and filtration processes, so every glass of Vestal Water is as clean and pure as the first.

Available with still and sparkling options, Vestal by Zip helps you offer your customers, guests and staff a healthy, premium filtered water solution, without the premium price tag. With the widest high capacity sparkling water options available, of between 50 and 250 litres per hour delivery, there is a Vestal by Zip option to suit every space, without affecting filtration and chilling standards.

What’s more, with a Vestal system installed at your workplace, restaurant, hotel or bar, you eliminate the need for single use plastic and glass bottles. No more deliveries, no more manual handling risks and no more precious space being used by the storage. Just pure, fresh, crystal clear still and sparkling water, straight from the tap.