Vestal by Zip – Chilled Still & Sparkling Water On-Tap

Eliminate bottled water waste from your venue and serve customers pure tasting, filtered, chilled water, straight from the tap, dispensed into reusable bottles. Vestal by Zip provides still and sparkling water in a sustainable way, delivering cost savings for your business and an exceptional experience for your guests.

Free up valuable fridge space for more profitable items. Vestal’s under-bench or freestanding systems refrigerate and carbonate on demand, so water is served perfectly chilled straight to the glass. Vestal is the perfect system for those smaller spaces, where fridge and serving room is at a premium or in high capacity venues where hundreds of bottles are required per service.

Reduce glass and plastic waste disposal costs by eliminating bottled products water products altogether. Some venues report saving up $4,000 a year in waste disposal, thanks to the Vestal system.



Versatile by Design

Vestal by Zip’s huge range of fonts (including bespoke), handles and finishes provide flexibility and versatility to suit any venue space. The Vestal chilling and carbonation system is crafted to exacting standards in Italy, delivering exquisite attention to detail in every system.

Best in Class Capacity

With the widest commercial range of 50 to 250 litres per hour capacity, your staff and our equipment will have no trouble keeping up with customer demand.

Cost Savings

Serve your customers premium still and sparkling water, straight from the tap at more cost effective pricing. Vestal streamlines your water service solution and reduces the cost of handling, storing, cooling and disposing of single use bottles. Remove bottled water from your stock, reimagine the possibilities all whilst doing the right thing by the planet.

Rent or Buy

Purchase outright, or rent (including Vestal’s twice-yearly maintenance service). Vestal is serviced by more than 90 qualified water system technicians, trained to ensure your Vestal system delivers pure-tasting, clean and fresh filtered sparkling water, glass after glass.