Vestal by Zip – Chilled Still & Sparkling Water On-Tap

Offer guests the ultimate in hydration with the Vestal by Zip system. Serve perfectly chilled Vestal sparkling or still filtered water, dispensed straight to our premium reusable bottles, for an elegant, simple and sustainable water solution.

Hotel solutions abound with the highest capacity systems on the market, keeping your high volume events spaces supplied on demand, or by pre-filling. Vestal removes the need to bring in bottled water at all to your hotel’s bars, lounges, reception areas and restaurants.

Reduce manual handling and movement around your hotel, saving valuable staff time. Remove bottled water products from your fridges and create space for higher profit margin products. Save on waste disposal and recycling costs, and improve your hotel’s environmental impact by eliminating single use plastic and glass bottles from your premise. Vestal allows you to do all this, all while delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Vestal’s filtration system eliminates odours and contaminants, delivering pure, clean-tasting water, direct from the tap. Vestal connects directly to your existing water supply, filters and purifies water, and serves perfectly chilled water, glass after glass. Guests will notice the difference.

Vestal by Zip offers a range of design and configuration options to suit any space. Choose from a range of fonts, finishes and handles. Customise a Vestal system to suit your establishment’s aesthetic and engineering requirements. With counter-top, under-bench and freestanding systems, Vestal is flexible and versatile to meet the needs of a variety of spaces.



Bespoke Design

Vestal’s designs offer amazing flexibility to suit any aesthetic. Choose from under-bench, countertop or freestanding units with fonts in chrome, brass, copper, antique bronze, or a custom powder coated colour. More than 20 different configuration options, all delivering crisp, filtered water, every time. Size does matter and with the highest capacity systems on the market, quality is assured in high demand areas.

Premium Product at Lower Cost

Serve your customers premium still and sparkling water, straight from the tap, and enjoy cost savings. Vestal streamlines your water service solution and reduces the operation cost of handling, storing, cooling and disposing of single use bottles. Remove bottled water from your stock, and reimagine the possibilities.

Best of Class Supply

Vestal by Zip offers the widest commercial range, delivering from 50 up to 250 litres per hour chilling capacity per system – a practically endless, continuous supply.

Impeccable Service

Enjoy continuous uptime with the security of Vestal by Zip’s extensive service and maintenance network. Zip has more than 90 qualified water system technicians nation-wide, who are trained experts in maintaining and repairing the Zip and Vestal water systems.