Vestal by Zip – Reusable Glass Bottles

For those times when you need to prepare something earlier, Vestal’s elegant, stylish and durable reusable bottles are all you need to serve still or sparkling water with elegance and style. Serve direct from the tap to the table and #REUSE.

Manufactured from high quality flint glass, Vestal’s premium reusable bottles are hard-wearing, scratch-resistant and designed to withstand the demands of high rotation use whilst retaining their stylish presentation. Naturally, they are dishwasher and glass washer safe, and don’t require any special care or attention to stay looking their best. We have clients who have been using the same bottles for up to eight years!

Serve still or sparkling, the choice is yours. Vestal bottles seal tightly and securely, ensuring carbonation is retained, delivering a sparkling pour, glass after glass. Combined with the superior filtration of the Vestal by Zip system, customers will enjoy a premium sparkling water experience that stands up to even the most exclusive bottled water options. Maintain the quality and experience of using imported bottled water for your customers, at a more affordable cost.

Customise your Vestal bottles with your establishment’s brand or logo for the ultimate deluxe water delivery system with these premium glass bottles, setting your business apart with their sleek design and superior hand feel.

Vestal bottles are balanced and lovely to pour from, perfect for professional wait staff or customers who serve themselves, enjoy an easy, spill-free pour. Water flows smoothly from bottle to glass, reducing drips and accidental splashes.

The Vestal system chills on demand, so bottles can go straight to the table or can be sealed, then stored in the fridge for later use, whilst retaining perfect carbonation.

With Vestal providing 24 bottles per system free of charge, the reusable bottles provide flexibility and adaptability to plan, respond to demand and prep for busy periods. When not in use, the tall, slim bottles take up minimum storage space, and make an elegant behind-the-bar display.