Chilled Still & Sparkling Water On-Tap

Why import or transport expensive water when you can offer customers and guests your own filtered, chilled water, straight from the tap? With Vestal by Zip, you can provide delicious, healthy filtered water to rehydrate and refresh, for a fraction of the cost of bottled products. After all, many brands of bottled water are just filtered tap water.

Create a personalised customer or guest experience. Offer chilled still or sparkling water, poured straight from Vestal by Zip’s stylish fonts. Filtered to eliminate contaminants and odours, Vestal by Zip delivers premium quality drinking water for bars and clubs, restaurants and cafes, venues, hotels, events and even private homes, all through the existing water supply system. No bottles, no deliveries, no refrigeration required.

Vestal offers water service in a sustainable, cost effective way. Vestal’s system offers both still and sparkling water, reducing the need for individual bottled products. Free up valuable fridge space for higher profit items, and streamline service with water chilled on demand. Staff spend less time filling bottles to store in the fridge and more time delivering better service.

Vestal by Zip’s continuous supply ensures you will never run out. Use Vestal’s premium glass bottles to prepare water in advance. Made from high quality flint glass, each bottle is stoppered with a tight seal to ensure every last glass of sparkling water is served carbonated to your liking. Vestal’s reusable bottles can be cobranded to suit your establishment, for the ultimate in personalised experience. Elegant and durable, the bottles are also built to withstand high rotation use, and are dishwasher and glass washer safe.

Provide customers with the premium experience of imported bottled water, without the pricetag and while increasing your business’s sustainability.

Improve your environmental footprint and reduce your glass and plastic waste disposal. Save thousands on collection and recycling fees, and know that every glass you pour from your Vestal on-tap system contributes to the elimination of more than four million bottles across Vestal’s nation-wide customer base, every year.

Stand out from the crowd and deliver a water service experience your guests and customers will remember. With Vestal, delivering premium still and sparkling water is as easy as drawing water from the tap.