Vestal by Zip Hybrid – Wine, Beer & Cocktails On-Tap

Imagine offering not only beer by the glass, but chilled wines, ciders or your signature cocktail. Craft beer, rosé, even G&Ts, espresso martinis or mojitos.

The Vestal Hybrid alcohol dispenser system opens up a world of agility and independence for your business. Enjoy flexibility and flow, with the ability to change beverage brands according to the seasons, trends, or tastes of your customers. All this, with no lock in beverage supply contracts.

Boost your profit margins with serving on-tap by-the-glass beverages alongside premium sparkling water. Talk to us about wine on tap, significantly reducing waste and zero oxidation.

On-tap beverage serving means more fridge space for food or higher margin items. Offer a wider range, or get rid of the fridge altogether and save hundreds of dollars on your power bill.

Time once spent ordering, stocking the store room, followed by restocking the fridge can now be spent serving more customers. Improve working conditions by eliminating bending and lifting, and hauling and transferring heavy cases of bottles. Good working conditions equals less staff turnover and better productivity.

Vestal will also help you save money on glass and plastic waste disposal. Some Vestal clients report reducing their glass disposal costs by up to $4,000. Choosing Vestal means businesses can explore development opportunities that were previously only pipe dreams.

Not only does a Vestal system save you money, it also helps save the planet. On-tap beverage delivery helps to eliminate millions of single use bottles from entering the waste system, reducing the environmental impact of recyclables ending up in landfill and waterways.

Plus, removing single use bottles from your stock items means fewer deliveries, fewer trucks on the road and other energy consuming transport systems. All of this helps to reduce the tonnes of greenhouse gases leached into the atmosphere from freight and transport of bottled water and other beverages in single use containers, meaning your business is making a viable and conscious choice to reduce its carbon footprint.